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Master Degree Thesis

The general rules for graduation exams are set forth in the Regulation for final graduation exams  approved by the School of Industrial and Information Engineering:


In relation to these norms and according to specific needs and peculiarities, the Faculty of the Master programme in Mathematical Engineering (CCS) has introduced more specific rules. A synthesis of such regulations is as follows:

  1. The subject of the Master degree thesis (=dissertation) is chosen by the student upon agreement with a Professor of Politecnico di Milano who acts as Supervisor.
  2. If the student wishes to carry out the work on the dissertation at another University or external Institution, she/he must obtain prior approval from an internal Supervisor within the Politecnico. Any external Supervisor will act as Co-Supervisor. It is not possible to submit the thesis for the final examination without the agreement of the internal supervisor.
  3. The dissertation can not have more than 2 authors. In the event of defense at separate sessions, the thesis must be defended by the second candidate within the next two sessions successive to that of the first defense.
  4. As a rule, dissertations do not require a Referee report. Upon request of the Supervisor, who recognizes that the thesis is of particular significance, the Coordinator of the CCS will appoint a Referee. 
  5. The maximum score attributed to the thesis defense is 4 points (5 points in exceptional cases) in the case of a dissertation without Referee report, while it is 7 points (8 points in exceptional cases) in the case of a dissertation with Referee report. Detailed rules to determine the final grade, possibily cum laude, will be available to students here.
Further information are available here [ITA] [ENG]. Thesis proposals are available on "Bacheca Tesi" at the Polimi Online Services.